Green Walls & Frames Gallery

Be Green! Go with ScandiMoss green walls and frames and see below some of our amazing installations. Chose the one who fits your personality and your space and contact us today!

ScandiMoss proposes a new way of standing out, of impressing, of finding your uniqueness and promote wellness and reduce stress. Our green walls and plant wall installations provides a visual and sensory reason for people to remember your brand through creating bespoke mood influencing, colour-infused vertical reindeer moss canvases that are eye-catching and intriguing to the touch and that will get people captured and make you stand out.

  • MoodMOSS® Wall, our reindeer moss wall has no limits of colour and shape. We also use bun moss, flat moss and various combinations for a 3D effect.
  • WildWall ®, this immersive green wall that remains green and fresh forever. They are made from a combination of foliages and mosses that give the allure of a forest. Your  vibrant installations will leave people with a lasting impression.
  • The Grassland is a green wall created by combining forest moss  with bun moss of a brighter colour and with some grass, fern or hanging foliage to convey a dynamic image. The natural contrast of the spring green color of the bun moss combined with flat moss is absolutely refreshing and discrete.
  • The Bun Moss green wall comes is a simple but dynamic wall assembly.  Their three-dimensional effect of this green wall gives a charming look but also simple and easy to look at . Their lively and bright colors make the interior unique and original.This wall will always remain green and colourfully brilliant for up to 10 years.
  • The Flat moss wall spells simplicity, a characteristic which makes the flat moss walls suitable for the most versatile use. It can be easily combined with any kind of interior design. The flat moss wall has a soft texture and it gives you the feeling of walking in an ancient majestic forest.
  • The Nature wall  comes in as a simple but dynamic bun moss assembly. This green wall is a simple but beautiful combination of 2D flat moss, bun moss and reindeer moss for an actual forest look. Their gentle three-dimensional effect gives an eye-catching view.
  • The Ivy Wall  is 100% made of only the natural Ivy plant, original in it’s feel and touch, and the deep green of the plant is preserved perfectly with no added colouring. Why grow the plants over years to create such a setting, when you can have an ivy wall lush with vibrant colour and body.
  • The Mediteranean : This all plant green wall caters to the most sophisticated tastes. It only contains special plants like Eucaliptus Cinerea, Nicoly , Ferns, Aralia leaves and Ivy, for a clean and spectacular look.

 Contact us anytime and we will provide you with a quotation bespoke to your needs!