The biophilic fitness studio is a space where everything is designed with well-being in mind.The attention is on the interior design, the overall atmosphere as well as the training equipment. Like in every biophilic design, it all starts with abundant natural light. As a complement, wellness artificial lighting (i.e. designed around human circadian cycle) gifts guests with an energizing effect during the day and a relaxing one at night time.

From grass-like carpet to textured wall panelling, the space of a biophilic gym features many tactile stimulations, which is the technical name for that deeply-rooted desire to go and touch something.

moss wall gym
moss wall gym

Moss Wall – Such a wall absorbs moisture, sound and odours, leaving the air purified and fresh and making it perfect for a fitness studio

Advantages a Moss Wall for the gym

  • Provide acoustic comfort
  • Improve air quality, lower toxin levels and aid ventilation
  • Promote internal views onto nature
  • Promote an aesthetic environment
  • Improve psychological and physiological effects
  • Increase thermal comfort levels
moss wall gym

This amazing MNDFL yoga studio promotes the tranquility of nature using wall frames

Amazon AWS plant wall made with a preserved forest moss base, bun moss , stabilised ming fern, leather fern and ivy haedera

An amazing reindeer  moss wall in a pilates studio

Why it’s a great idea to install a moss wall for the gym

  • Preserved plants are 100% natural and evergreen
  • An allergen free alternative to flowers
  • Whilst flowers easily wilt and need to be thrown away on a weekly basis or replaced every other weeks, preserved moss canvases and plant walls can remain fresh over their lifetime of up to 15 years.
  • These plants retain their vibrancy even in colder conditions making them perfect for cooler spaces that are not easily heated.
  • They do not require sunlight and they thrive in place here there is no natural light.
  • They are perfect for basement or high-basement rooms, restrooms and rooms without windows.
  •  Over the lifetime of your preserved plant installations or arrangements you save hundreds of litres of water.
  • This is an excellent alternative to cutting flowers that will be thrown away as soon as they start to spoil, or using  plastic flowers that encourage the rise of plastic waste and are not bio-degradable.