Moss Frames & Plant Frames

 Moss Frames retain their vibrant colour for years, need no wattering or trimming, are allergen free and also absorb sound for better soundproof. Choose from 12 frame sizes and shapes, and various frame materials. You can even customise your moss frame choosing the colours and designs you wish.


Reindeer Moss Frames

MoodMOSS® Reindeer Moss Frames come in 16 amazing vibrant colors, they are 100% natural, do not need any water, sunlight, soil, trimming, fertilizer or replacement. They retain their bright color and remain in perfect shape for up to 10 years. Moss Frames absorb humidity, reduce sound and act as an insulator, which for office buildings is a perfect arrangement. The moss feels comfortable at a 40% humidity and is amazing to the touch. Reindeer moss harmonizes with every style of furnishing or wall material.  Our frames have no limits of color and shape.

Reindeer Moss is a natural, ecological and customizable element that provides a nature-like feel to your space, a colorful alternative to blank walls or dull paintings, gloomy office spaces, ordinary wallpaper or acoustic panels.


Plant Frames

 Plant Frames bring the forest inside your space! These plant frames come in several unique designs and  12 different sizes, and are perfect for unique garden wall arrangements with depth and body, especially if you choose them in different heights. The plants are attached in a special way to give a fascinating 3D effect. Due to the fact that plants are unique and 100% natural, each of these hanging miniature gardens is one of a kind.

A ScandiMoss plant frame provides lasting freshness with a completely natural look and feel. Plant Frames do not need water, soil, sunshine or heat, even fertilizer or trimming is not required as they remain fresh and lush for up to 10 years. ScandiMoss plant frames will retain their freshness with no effort or intervention from your side.


Bun Moss Frame

The Bun Moss Frame comes is a simple but dynamic bun moss assembly. Our bun frames are made of leucobryum glaucum. Their three-dimensional effect gives a charming look. Their unique texture and construction bring uniqueness to any interior. Our bun moss frames are perfect for symmetrical and tile like arrangements. Bun Moss frames are much more beautiful than posters or paintings and they are better as well due to their soundproofing effects, and to their longevity. They require no water, no natural light and no messy soil. Bun Moss Frames retain a fresh vibrancy, dune look and soft feel for nearly a decade. Also, they are allergen free so no need to worry about pollen or other plant odours.

Bun Moss and Forest Moss Frame

This Forest Moss & Bun Moss frame is a unique and dynamic wall-art creation. These unique moss frames are not only beautiful and 100% but also they do not need water, natural light, soil and they retain their vibrancy for nearly a decade. By hanging this  frame in your space you help conserve water, energy and time investment in caring for live plants.

And also, these frames are much more cost effective in the long term.

You will be saved from nuisances like soil infestations, trimming, pruning or periodic maintenance.


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