Bun and Forest Moss Frame

Our bun and forest moss frame are 100% natural and much more beautiful than posters or paintings and they feel soft and amazing on your walls. They are ideal in your entrance, in the lobby, in the office, reception, fitness and health club, or medical practice, even basements kitchens or bathrooms as they absorb moisture and filter the air from odours. This bun and forest moss frame looks amazing and the moss comfortable everywhere and harmonize with every style of furnishing or wall material. Also, they are allergen free so no need to worry about pollen or other plant odours.

You can customise these moss frames however you like, combining multiple colours and patterns, even creating logos and lettering, or adding MDF logos on top of them.

  • ALWAYS FRESH– Your moss frame will keep its form, texture and colour forup to 10 years
  • ALLERGEN FREE – An allergen free alternative to flowers that do not attract insects.

  • ETHICALLY HARVESTED – Made from Reindeer Moss hand-picked by the best Scandinavian suppliers in Rendalen Norway
  • MOISTURE ABSORBANT– Absorbs excess moisture, regulates odors and protects from fungi

  • NO PLASTIC OR WASTE  – No need to cut and replace flowers or use plastic ones.

  • COST EFFICIENT– No care, maintenance or subsequent investment
  • MAINTENANCE FREE – No need for sunlight, watering or pruning




More about the Forest moss frame

This forest moss frame combined with bun moss makes for such a unique dynamic painting replacement. These unique forest moss frames are not only beautiful and 100% natural, they are also much more efficient than painted wall and living plant walls due to their longevity and low energy consumption. They do not need water,natural light,messy soil and they retain their vibrancy, fresh-cut look and soft feel for nearly a decade.
By hanging this kind of bun and forest moss frame in your space you help conserve water, energy and time investment in caring for live plants . And also, these frames are much more cost effective in the long term. You will be saved from nuisances like soil infestations, trimming, pruning or periodic maintenance.

Available Sizes for the Bun and Forest Moss Frame

Square Sizes
  • 15×15 cm
  • 22×22 cm
  • 35×35 cm
  • 50×50 cm
  • 80×80 cm
Rectangle Sizes
  • 20×30 cm
  • 20×70 cm
Panoramic Sizes
  • 20×170 cm
  • 36×114 cm
  • 40×140 cm
  • 50×100 cm
Colors and Shapes
  • Custom Sizes & Shapes Possible

Preserved Bun Moss (Bryophita) is a natural product . Bun Moss has a raised appearance compared to Forest Moss,or  Reindeer Moss. Each piece is unique in size, depth, shape and weight. There will be color differences which will make this frame dynamic and give it depth. Bun Moss is widely used to create moss walls and moss art . They come in various depths and  shapes and you can obtain a magnificent wall or canvas that has a unique 3D pattern. Bun moss is one of the most versatile of the moss family and there are some amazing ways you can combine it with other materials like wood, concrete or tiles.
The materials for the frames are ethically harvested at the peak of their life cycle. Then, in a specially developed preservation process, the natural vegetable juice is replaced by a harmless liquid mixture made of vegetable glycerin and mineral salts. In addition, a final cleaning and drying process comes in which makes the plants retain their shape, freshness and color vibrancy for up to 10 years , thus you can enjoy your plant frames for years to come.


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