“Forest” Plant Frame

  • LIGHT NOT NEEDED – We recommend the use of these plants only for indoor spaces as they need to be protected from natural elements like sunlight, rain or high humidity and wind
  • HEAT NOT REQUIRED – If natural plants only thrive in warm condition, these plants retain their vibrancy even in colder conditions making them perfect for colder spaces that are not easily heated. We also advise not to place them in the direct range of radiators, fireplaces or other types heat sources.
  • REDUCED WASTE – Our canvases remain fresh over their lifetime of up to 15 years.
  • SAVE WATER – Our installations don’t need watering or misting.
  • NO REPLACING – If you are used to buying new flowers and see them fade away every week, now you won’t have to.


More about plants used for this plant wall decor items

This square shape “Forest” Plant Frame is perfect for symmetrical a plat wall decor arrangements and, if you choose them in different heights they will give a fascinating 3D effect. Due to the fact that plants are never the same, each of these hanging miniature gardens are unique. A ScandiMoss plant frame provides lasting freshness with a completely natural look and feel. Therefore, you will not need to water or mist this plant frame so you will actually be saving water. In addition, there will be no hassle of replacing the soil as for typical plants, no need to provide them sun-light or any kind maintenance . ScandiMoss “Forest” Plant Frame will retain their freshness with minimal effort or intervention from your side.

Imagine how cost effective and environmental friendly these plant canvases are with literally no waste of water or plants. Moreover, there is no need for further cost investment for years.  Above all, our plant wall decor frames are allergen free so you will not need to worry about pollen and other plant odors.  Plant frames are ideal in your entrance, in the office, reception, fitness and health club. You can install them in your medical practice, even basements or bathrooms to absorb odors and humidity. Plant wall decor is the latest trend in interior design . The plants feel comfortable everywhere and harmonize with every style of furnishing or wall material.

Example of Plants Used for a unique plant wall decor piece

Forest moss, reindeer or bun moss, ivy, papyrus, amaranth, ornamental asparagus, eucalyptus leather, tree bark, salal, parchment fern, leather fern and magnolia leaves.

Standard Available Sizes for plant wall decor frames

Square Sizes
  • 15×15 cm
  • 22×22 cm
  • 35×35 cm
  • 50×50 cm
  • 80×80 cm
Rectangle Sizes
  • 20×30 cm
  • 20×70 cm
Panoramic Sizes
  • 20×170 cm
  • 36×114 cm
  • 40×140 cm
  • 50×100 cm
Colors and Shapes
  • Custom Sizes & Shapes Possible
  • Various colors can be obtained due to the foliage unique coloring

Choose a unique plant wall decor piece knowing our plant frames are ethically harvested at the peak of their life cycle. Then, in a specially developed preservation process, the natural vegetable juice is replaced by a harmless liquid mixture made of vegetable glycerin and mineral salts.  In addition, a final cleaning and drying process comes in which makes the plants retain their shape, freshness and color vibrancy for up to 10 years , thus  you can enjoy your plant frame for years to come.


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