ScandiMoss Plant Frames are perfect for symmetrical wall arrangements and, if you choose them in different heights they will give a fascinating 3D effect. Due to the fact that plants are never the same, each of these hanging miniature gardens are unique. A ScandiMoss plant frame provides lasting freshness with a completely natural look and feel. Therefore, you will not need to water or mist this plant frame so you will actually be saving water. In addition, there will be no hassle of replacing the soil as for typical plants, no need to provide them sun-light or any kind maintenance . ScandiMoss plant frames will retain their freshness with minimal effort or intervention from your side.

The plants for our plant frames are ethically harvested at the peak of their life cycle. Then, in a specially developed preservation process, the natural vegetable juice is replaced by a harmless liquid mixture made of vegetable glycerin and mineral salts.  In addition, a final cleaning and drying process comes in which makes the plants retain their shape, freshness and colour virbrance for up to 10 years , thus  you can enjoy your plant frame for years to come.