reindeer moss wall
reindeer moss wall

Green walls are taking over the interior decor world, and the reindeer moss wall or its variety are the key players of this revolution.

Green walls are an excellent way to be in sync with nature. They provide a sense of calm that is innately associated with nature while satisfying their aesthetic purpose. On the whole, they are an excellent breath of fresh air and the perfect representation of ethereal beauty. And the grand slam? They improve environmental and psychological well-being. It is a given that green walls improve air quality and absorb acoustic energy to suppress noise. Additionally, research has revealed that these natural gifts of nature can promote brand image, generate brand and company traffic, and increase employee output by increasing alertness and energy levels.

Moss walls transform a soulless interior into something sensational. They combine the ageless element of nature with avant-garde technology and style. One green wall that encompasses all of this and even more, is the Reindeer moss wall.

reindeer moss wall


Reindeer moss walls feature many beautiful properties that make them the most versatile green wall types. They are great sound absorbent and have remarkable moisture regulating properties which makes them ideal for rooms with high humidity such as spas. Throw in their pleasing aesthetics to the mix, and we have a complete green wall package. Possibly the best you can ever hope for.

Reindeer moss or Cladonia rangiferina is biologically a lichen plant and not a moss. It has a spongy texture as opposed to the velvet-like texture of bun and flat moss. It is suitable for use on walls and in picture frames. It is completely natural and has been specially preserved to retain its original properties. It is naturally off-white in colour, but it is able to effectively absorb dyes. Unlike other preserved moss types that are only available in green shades, reindeer moss provides colour versatility that suits individual taste and style.

The beautiful wall art is an assortment of colours that spans from shades of blue to purple and bright yellow. The colours particularly stand out on large surfaces. So, whether it is the conference room, dining area, or bedroom, reindeer moss will draw the eye.


The answer to the above question is a resounding yes. All that is required is a light dusting once or twice a year. Unbelievable right? But it’s true; you absolutely don’t need to play the gardener.

Let’s also talk about how you wouldn’t need to buy insect repellents or deal with annoying allergies and stale odours. Admit it, installing reindeer moss walls is the answer to so many prayers. And as true Reindeer moss walls adherents, we bask in the joy of garnishing your wall with the best reindeer moss that you can possibly ever hope for.

In comparison, to most plants, reindeer moss requires little to no sunlight. Our Reindeer moss walls, in particular, embody the following outstanding characteristics:

  • They are maintenance-free and cost-effective. Requires zero maintenance and won’t incur extra costs.
  • They have everlasting freshness. They are guaranteed to maintain their form, texture, and colour for up to 10 years.
  • They easily regulate acoustics and provide top-notch sound quality and much- needed privacy.
  • They are allergen-free alternatives to flowers and will not attract bothersome insects.
  • They are organically harvested and are of the best quality.
  • They absorb moisture effortlessly, which makes them good fungi and odour repellents.

In line with this, you would agree that our Reindeer moss walls are the perfect definition of beauty and quality. We stand true to the moss theme and only seek to bring a sense of calm and peace to your space. We are the conduit to nature and its everlasting beauty.